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Fleta 5

Product Detail Information
Function & Features  
- Easy and speedy operation and correction by volume knob
- Graphic LCD display  
- Various tube adapters  
- Design saving working space  
- Highly efficient BLDC motor  
- 10 levels of Accel./Decel. is suitable for separation of sensitive layers
- Automatic RPM/RCF calculating system  
- Memory function setting the condition of test
- Detecting abnormal rpm     
- Detecting vibration of rotor  
- Detecting system error  
- Detecting opening of door  
- Detecting overheated motor  
- Automatically identifying rotor (option)  
Worried about noise?  
- Air from the upper side of chamber makes air flow optimized
- BLDC Motor(Brushless motor) minimizes noise and vibration(under 60db)
Still waiting the result?  
- Motor driving system optimizing: Speedy and smooth acceleration and deceleration makes stable separation
Max. RPM 5,500rpm
Max. RCF 5,411 x g
MAX. capacity 15ml x 32
Drive BLDC Motor  700W
Power (Supply) 100V/220V 60Hz  single phase
Run Time 9hrs 59min 59sec
Accel/Decel Rates 10 steps
Fastest Accel : 12sec.
Fastest Decel : 20sec.
User-defined Programs 100 memories
Digital LCD Display RPM, RCF, Time, Program, Accel./Decel. time,
Rotor number, Rotor Radius
Dimension 570W x 475D x 325H/mm
Weight 40Kg
* Please note that technical specifications subject to change.