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Continent 512R

Product Detail Information
Functions & Features  
- Using bucket style, 750ml high-capacity swing rotor
- Ergonomically arranged control and display
- Hi-efficient AC Induction Motor 1.7kw  
- Spin down (Pulse) function  
- User password for preventing access from random people
- 10 steps for speedy and gradual acceleration and deceleration 
- Detecting abnormal rpm     
- Detecting vibration of rotor  
- Detecting system error  
- Detecting opening of door  
- Automatically identifying rotor  
- Detecting overheated motor  
Large Capacity  
Using various tubes from 5ml to 750ml, you are able to get large sampling(6pcs bucket)
- Vacuunmtainer Tube: 144ea  
- 15ml Conical Tube: 84ea  
- 50ml Conical Tube: 30ea  
Control Panel  
- Fast and easy operation and correction by Key Pad
- 9 levels of Accel./Decel. is suitable for separation of sensitive layers
- Automatically calculating RPM/RCF  
- Changing term of timer during operation  
- Time set up, max. 1 hour 59 minutes 59secs
- Radius of rotor set up by unit of 0.1mm  
Max. RPM  4,500rpm
Max. RCF  5,096 x g 
MAX. capacity  750ml x 6
Display time, rpm, rcf, Accel/Decel., rotor, number, program, rotor radius
Acceleration time to max. speed 0 ~ 9 (10 steps)
Deceleration time to max. speed 0 ~ 9 (10 steps)
Timer 99 hour 59 minutes 59 second
Temperature control range -10°C to 40°C
Dimensions 640W x 630D x 840H/mm
Net weight, exclude rotor 250 kg
Power requirement 220 V, 50/60 Hz
* Please note that technical specifications subject to change.
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